Hello everyone!! Hope all is going well for you. We always talk about Mental Health. Mental Health is related to mind and brain thinking capabilities. We in our daily life faces different situations . Every person is different and has different ways to approach a certain problem. Every moment situations changed and thinking of a person shapes of a different innovative mindset.

Have you ever thought of How our mind thought process takes place? Lets talk about it in detail. Have a look on “5 CONCEPTS ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY”.


According to the American Psychological Association, psychology is the study of thought and behaviour.

It is the scientific study of the mind, how it functions, and how it influences behaviour. The mind is a complicated organ, and diseases that affect it can be difficult to treat.
Physical manifestations of thought processes, emotions, memories, dreams, perceptions, and so on, such as a skin rash or a heart problem, are not visible.

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Psychologists can play a variety of functions. This is the second of 5 CONCEPTS ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY .

They may conduct research to advise health authorities and other agencies on social and other measures, assess children who struggle in school, deliver courses on how to prevent bullying, work with company recruitment teams, and so on.

It is a vast academic discipline that bridges the gap between natural and social sciences. Psychologists study the emergent features of brains, which relates them to neuroscience.


Perception, cognition, attention, emotion, intelligence, subjective experiences, motivation, brain functioning, and personality are all investigated by psychologists. Interpersonal connections, psychological resilience, family resilience. And other areas of social psychology are all subjects .

3. Psychology as a Discipline

It investigates human behaviour, experiences, and thought processes. It aims to comprehend and explain how the mind functions. As well as how different mental processes lead to varied behaviours.

Human development, sports, health, clinical, social behaviour, and even cognitive processes are all areas of study in psychology.
Because of its direct scientific and technological advancements. As well as its indirect contributions to science and technology teaching and learning. Psychology is a key STEM discipline.
When we witness others, our own worldviews or methods of comprehending the world influence how we perceive their actions and experiences.

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In order to understand human behaviour and experience, it also emphasises self-reflection and self-knowledge. Psychology is a young science as well as a very old knowledge discipline.

It’s classified as a social science in most cases. Without psychological knowledge of cognitive processes. Both human-computer interactions and also artificial intelligence will stagnate.


It is a branch of social science that studies how behavioural phenomena explained in terms of interactions between people and the socio-cultural contexts . In which they also live. There are several causes for each behavioural phenomena.

4. Psychology as a Natural Science

Psychology has philosophical origins, as previously stated. Modern psychology, on the other hand, has aslo progressed. Moreover, as a result of the scientific method’s application to psychological phenomena.

The value of objectivity is highly prized in science. Scientists also deduce or suggest a hypothesis based on a theory, which provides a tentative explanation for how a particular phenomena occurs. The theory, put to the test and proven correct or incorrect using empirical facts.

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If data collected contradicts the hypothesis, the theory is updated. Psychologists have even made tremendous progress by using the aforementioned technique to build theories. This is also about learning, memory, attention, perception, motivation, and emotion, among other things.

The scientific method has been used to explore psychological phenomena. Resulting in the development of psychology.
It stresses structured data that may be studied under controlled conditions because it is a physical science. It’s a quantitative problem that necessitates investigation. It is based on the Hypothetico Deductive Model and draws inspiration from both physics and biology (HDM).



What does it mean to be conscious? Is this the same thing as a brain? While it is true that the mind cannot exist without the brain, it is also true that the mind is a distinct entity. This is understandable given the number of fascinating incidents. That have been documented.

Some patients whose occipital lobes, which are responsible for vision. Were found to respond correctly to the location . And configuration of visual stimuli after having their occipital lobes surgically removed. The mind and the body have no direct relationship and are parallel to each other. This is the last of 5 CONCEPTS ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY.

There is a link between thinking and behaviour, according to recent findings in emotional neuroscience. Pleasant visualisation techniques and positive emotions are also found to cause major alterations in physical processes.


We refer to states of consciousness, awareness, and mental processes when we also claim events are also internal to the experiencing person. When we think about a problem, try to solve it, or recall something, we employ our mental processes.

Psychologists, unlike astrologers, tantriks, and palm readers, investigate arguments based on data to derive principles about human behaviour and other psychological phenomena.


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