Power of Saying NO : Even to People You Love

Hello Readers. Hope all of you are good . Today, we will discuss about Power of Saying NO : Even to People You Love.

“Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.”

–  Josh Billings

Saying “NO” seems to be very heavy word !! Isn’t it?

But sometimes, it is compulsory to say NO for your inner peace. Saying NO to something usually disagree with the thing. It also means-

  • used as a function term to convey the lack of a viable alternative choice or option
  • in no way, shape, or form —used in comparisons
  • not at all —used to convey disagreement, denial, or refusal
  • used with a following adjective to convey the opposite positive statement’s meaning


Most individuals feel obligated to comply with every request, and would rather juggle a million jobs than refuse to help. Even if it means they have no time for themselves. As a result, learning to say no can help you gain respect from yourself and others.

Even in the finest of partnerships, though, a No must exist. Sometimes you don’t have the energy, or you don’t want to take on the duty, or you have a more significant idea.

However, learning how to say no can be difficult. People you’re speaking with – your husband, your friend, your mother – may become enraged, disappointed, or upset as a result of what you’re saying. Let’s begin with Power of Saying NO : Even to People You Love.


We have responsibilities to our loved ones and should be there for them when they need us the most, but we also have responsibilities to ourselves.

When we say no, it should never be with the aim of causing genuine harm to another person. It should always come from a place of consideration and compassion, but it must also be assertive and come from a position of power.

Saying NO means you are not ready or resonating with the fact.

Life is full of wonders and magic. But many people are so self obsessed . They do not care about others feelings. Sometimes many situations occur in life when you need to disagree.

Reasons to say NO to people

  • When you say no, they will understand that you are honoring yourself, and you will not feel guilty about it.

When you start saying yes to each and every people for everything. People start taking you for granted. They start thinking that you don’t have any self respect or self opinion . So when you do any controversy or take your stand and SAY NO . People understands that you have your opinions and you can speak for yourself.

They understand that they may say no without feeling bad, and that you expect them to do so.

  • When you say yes, they know you genuinely want to do what you said yes to and are fully committed, rather than them getting the best of you because you don’t.

When you said yes to everything, every time . People sometimes get confused whether you are interested , will you work seriously or just for sake you are saying yes !!

But it usually happens with you , most of you can relate with it. Sometimes, it is crucial to develop an understanding on Power of Saying NO : Even to People You Love.

When some times you say no and sometimes yes, the other party feels like more relatable and your commitment is felt by them. They believe you and feel more happy and secure with you . Every single word means a lot to them .

  • Because you can both be honest about your capacity, it prevents animosity from creeping into the partnership.

When you put your thoughts and debate on the matter, every time you got attention . Even when you say No to that thing, other party understands your situation . Which in actual helps in improving and strengthening of your relationship. A mutual understanding and trust start building between two. Even to people you love, say NO as it is crucial to make them realise your worth and emotions. Saying Yes continuously gives a feel like a Robot who is just following command of whatever is given.

Say No : For Enriching your relationships

Relationships are not automatic. They need both love and trust. Your opinion matters to people you love. Controlling your emotions can make them feel like pressuring you for their need.

Some things can’t be said. You need to understand them with purity without judging the people you love.

Power of Saying NO : Even to People You Love|Its Okay To Say NO|Getlovetips|Getlovetips

We don’t want to hurt the people we love by making them feel as if we’ve yanked the rug out from under them. When we are trying to make too many relationship adjustments too quickly might leave you feeling dangerously hungover. We want to establish long-lasting habits, limits, and relationships.

For this you need to make your partner realise that you are there with him/her. To guide , to say No to wrong, to support in rectifying mistakes.

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Lets have a look on some lines of song “

this is how i learn to say no


” which honestly makes you feel your self love :

This is how I learn to say no
Take your pretty words and go choke
People talk shit say they’re gonna get better
I hold my breath I can’t hold it forever
This is how I learn to say no, oh

All of the butterflies turned into vicious lies
I’d rather be on my own
Tired of people being sad
Told my mom to leave my dad
Sometimes you just gotta go

Was it more appeasing when I was just pleasing?
Look good on my knees
Sucks you’re never gonna get me back again
When I got healthy, did that make you hate me?
And now, I’m never losing sleep I’m over it

Want to listen full song : Click here

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