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It’s 4:00 A.M. Thoughts. With some thoughts, you must have gone across? Isn’t it? Dedicated to you all from my side in my words. Whatever I freewheel!!!!!! And that’s how you all can start your own blog by knowing Why To Write Blog? And the Bestest Work – That is – Online WorkWork From Home

us insaan k saamne
ya zubaan m laake byaan krna ,
Kyu Fizool karte ho tum,
Jab na Samzhega
na milega faayda ,
toh kis baat ka h Iraada.

– Ahman

Yu toh dekha jaaye dhundha faayda toh matlab dikhata h lekin Jab usi insaan ko usi cheej k liye dard pahuche toh fir bhii toh matlab banta kyu nhi h nikalna. Dil se jab insaan ne nikal diya toh matlab liya toh konsa gunaah kiya.

“Dil m literally bahut kuch, Bahut kuch matlab bahut kuch, but or tarasta h ye dil. Tarasta h ye dil, rota h yeh dil –
Toh Jab rona hiii h, aur khud ko khud hi
sambhalna hi h to toh likh dete h na.
Utha lete h na faayda kahii der na ho jaaye.”

Aur log uthaale tujhe bina dekh faayda woh bhii jab khatam ho jaayengiii toh samjh m aayega khudko kii kyaa khoo diya tune.

Confession – Why Started Online Work

I know this, I really know this Am very bad at writing, hahaha, :'( :'( but at least I’m writing. Why Can’t I? This question should get asked to yourself!!!! Why Can’t I? Why can’t I Socialise it? Jaruri thodi na ki cheejein perfectly kari jaaye toh. Kuch Cheejein apne aap practice k perfect toh apne ban jaayein. And This Online Work – can take you more ahead in the race.

Well Well, Neither I’m Shayar nor I’m lekhak itnaa vadhiyaa, Na dohe likhne aate h naa hi kavita. Bas dil m aata h aur jab dil m aata h toh aansu aate h, aansu aate h toh zubaan jo hotii h naa chotti si but baatein badi badi kar deti h aur in kalmo ko through nikal aata h. Kya kre is 256gm k dimaag m soch jo kabhii bhii kuch bhi nikal aata h. To socha kyuu na matlab diyaa jaaye.

Lekin Mehnat Karunga, apni har dua m dawa bharunga.

Today, I read somewhere Long Distance Relationship ko kyaa naam diya jaaye). To m socha Buddhu teri is feeling ko Kyaa Naam diya jaaye. M nhi Jaanta kha tak jaayega, M nhi jaanta kya hoga meri Kismat m, nhi pta mujhe likha h kya, “Lekin Mehnat Karunga, apni har dua m dawa bharunga.”

Mere paas kehne ko bahut kuch h, sunne ko koii nhi, Likhna (hehehe….) – LAZY at the same point. But Pen and copy bhi nhi milta toh reh jaate h woh saari baatein jinse mujhko h dard mila.
“Rona chahta hu,
tut kar bhi khada hona chahta hu.”

Dard toh bahut mile h (emotionally) kya kare sochte bhi bahut jyada h. Dekha jaaye toh ab aa rhi h bahut nind mujhe. To socha Why Not To Write On My Website!!!! Aakhir dard toh aisa hi h. Aaj Rona h fir Subah has kar dikhana h.

3rd April? What happened!!! Let’s See- Why To Write?

Aaj date 3rd April h, yaad rakhunga is din ko as abse khud ki feelings ko likhna shuru karunga.
Kar liya saaf maine har manzar ab dikh rha h sab kuch saaf baarish k baad.
Ab behek jaane do jazbaato ko.

Ab Se Start Hoga THE AMAN BLOG

Aman Gupta

So, guys, I know you also had face such situations sometimes and you were broken and feeling pain if somebody has put a big rock on your heart. And in the morning you are the same person totally fresh. But in between those times, rain of thoughts that came in our mind. But Our we putting it into the right form? That energy! That is coming out – Are we giving them a good direction? Why Can’t I? Why To Write a Blog? Online Work – That is my Tagline of this post and In title too.
Give it a thought. Make everything get used for You. The time you understand this concept you will be WOW. As you finally got a thing that is ” A LEARNING ATTITUDE” – and making content from everything that you get to learn from even small things.

Online Work – Work From Home? – A Way To Accomplish

It will definitely give you the freshen mind, as the energy and angriness that is present in deep down in your heart. The fire, the burning desire that has been ignited – Before stop burning GIVE IT A SHOT. GIVE IT A TRY… Bring up your diary and pen Or your Phone Notepad. The words that are striking in your head, Make Points, Note down the words – THE THOUGHTS – That is running down in your Nerve.
Or you can Start Blogging On the perfect thing that you love to do. It Could Be Anything. Any passion, any talent, any hobbies that you love to do.

YOU WANT EXAMPLE On Why To Write Blog? And How You Can Grow By ONLINE WORK - Oh, Yes, Sure, Lemme tell you,- UMM.., yeah.. It is...
  • IF you have knowledge about Fashion Styling Tips,
  • WOW!!! You Love to COOK??? Really? wow, then you can try. – As many need different recipes. You can be the next Best Chef Content Creator. ( KHANA KHAZANA)
  • Ohhoo? Woah… Got knowledge of all Bikes, Cars? You can be A great owner – Just like (CAR DEKHO)
  • Love to read books, Novel? Why don’t you give reviews? In these quarantine days, many are asking about the books!!!
  • Makes use of waste materials? DIY, Handicrafts, Arts & Crafts? Like to draw or Paint or Sketching???? Show Yourself Dude!!! You have got something magic in your hand. Utilize it. Don’t let it go.
  • And Many are things are there… which you can try.

Wanna Know More? Contact Us

Wanna Know More or Wanna get Idea how you can utilize your Idea? Why To Write A Blog? HoW TO GroW YourSelF By ONLINE WORK? Sure!!! Would Love To Help You Out by Giving Consultations Free of Costs – As I’m a Business Consultant too. And I Have helped out 100+ Students to do something creative in their life without disturbing their studies. Sure, You gonna love it. ( YOU CAN COMMENT AND ASK FOR IDEAS IN COMMENT BOX OR YOU CAN MAIL ME)

The Official – The AMAN GUPTA

Why To Write Blog? – Is now getting more interested

Above all, some lines for you all if still, something is bothering you to give a taste for your talent.

M kyu na share kru,
Oor…M kyu kisi se daru,
M kyu wait karu,
sacchii, M kyu kambakhat dharti ka bhoj banu,
M kyu parents k upar liablities banu?
Kyu na m khud ka kuch start kru,
Kyu na m khud ko ek nayi pehchaan du,
So, Kyu na m khud ko en naya ugtaa suraj ka naam du
Kyu na m khud k liye kuch kru….
Chal Na… Aeee.. Mere… Yaar..karte h na kuch? Apne liye, apne liye na sahii, Apne parents k liye, Apne aane waale future k liye… Apne sapno k liye…. Thoda sa uth… dimaag sahii kr… Gandii cheejo se nikal…. Kuch karne ko toh aage badh.. Woh Rabb bhi saath dega… Mehnat karega.. Khud bhagwaan bhi mazboor ho jaayega… tujhe woh cheej dilaane m…


And all thank #AHMAN, that has made me grow myself more… it’s not only a word… it’s life… that has made me believe in myself more…
Let’s do it, guy… I hope YOU love this blog, Why To Write Blog? And How You Can Grow Yourself By Online Work.
To sum up, So, soooooo,….. Don’t forget to drop down your valuable comment. I would love to connect with you all.
Till then!!! Keep yourself Safe, Be happy. Enjoy.
See you In My Next Post!!!!

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