Hello everyone. Books are the ocean of knowledge. They are also our future guides. It is said that books are our true friends. Those who are obsessed with reading books find places to read books. Books are precious for those who are not able to spend a day without reading. Many have a good collection of books. They have a separate study room with so many books. Those who are however not keen on reading books and think it boring never understand the importance of reading books.

Reading books not only enhances our knowledge but it has certain health benefits too. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of reading books. 

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Books Are Important

1. Strengthens our mind

Research studies show that reading changes your mind. Using MRI scans, it is also shown that reading involves a complex network of circuits and signals in the brain. As your reading ability grows up, those networks also get stronger and more refined. This is one of the Importance Of Reading Books.

In one of the studies Trusted Source conducted in 2013, researchers used functional MRI scans to measure the effect of reading a novel on the brain. They however gave the novel “Pompeii” to the group of participants and asked them to read the novel for 9 days. It was seen that during the tense part of the story the activity of the brain increases. 

2. Increases your ability to understand

Researchers show that people who used to read fiction stories about the inner lives of the characters daily have a higher capability to understand the feelings and beliefs of others. 

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Researchers however call this ability the “theory of mind,”- a set of skills used for raising and maintaining social relationships. It helps people to become social. 

3. Builds your vocabulary

Reading books improves your vocabulary. For instance when you read a book and find any word; the meaning of which you don’t know then you will check its meaning and in this way, that word is added to your vocabulary. There are so many new words that you find when you start reading books and slowly habit of reading broadens your vocabulary.

4. Prevent age-related cognitive decline

The National Institute on AgingTrusted Source prefers you read books and magazines as it keeps your mind engaged and at a time. When you get older reading helps you to prevent cognitive decline. This is one of the Importance Of Reading Books.

5. Reduces stress

In 2009, research was also conducted to measure the effect of yoga, humor, and reading books on reducing stress. The study reveals that 30 minutes of reading lowered blood pressure, heart rate, and feelings of psychological distress just as effectively as yoga and humor did.

Reading keeps your mind engaged and prevents negative thoughts to come in mind. Reading jokes, comedy stories, etc. also works well.

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Importance Of Reading Books|Reading Books|Getlovetips|Getlovetips
Reading Books

6. Prepares you for a good night’s rest

It should be noted here that reading printed books give you result. If you read on screen the light keeps you awake and causes other health-related issues.

If you have sleep disorders then doctors also recommend reading books somewhere else not in your bedroom. 

7. Reading Exercises the Brain

While reading, our brain continuously works and tries to understand the story or meaning of any paragraph. Sometimes we also have to remember different characters and settings that belong to a given story. Therefore, reading exercises your brain. It is a kind of workout for the brain. Reading keeps the mind working. 

8. Concentration and the Ability to Focus

We know that we can read only when we focus. Reading cannot happen in noise whether outside or inside. To fully understand what we are reading it is necessary to read with concentration otherwise everything goes out of mind. Thus, reading helps to improve focus and concentration. 

9. Reading Increases General Knowledge

Books are filled with knowledge. They are the ocean of knowledge. Books always provide you with new and important information and thus improve your general knowledge. Reading a variety of topics can make you a more knowledgeable person and as a result improve your conversation skills.

10. Reading is Motivational

Stories in which characters overcome difficulties in their life motivates us. Reading about great warriors and people like Abdul Kalam, Ramanujan, and Kalpana Chawla inspires us a lot. Story of success motivates students to do hard work in their studies. Such stories teach us to never give up, always do hard work and focus on our goals.

11. Source of  Entertainment 

Books are the better means of entertainment. Reading novels, fiction and comics entertain you. Many reads books for pleasure. It gives you comfort and improves your well-being throughout your life. In comparison to other modes of entertainment, reading does not have any side effects related to your health. 

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