Imagining Love Is A Game

Love is a game. Its actuality is as stated! Because love is a game, the most supreme game, you will never be able to love any woman or man if you are waiting, watching, wondering, and analyzing whether the lady is merely playing a game. Why insist that it be true? Play the game! That is its reality. And if you are too much of a seeker of reality, love is not for you. It is only a dream! It is a fantasy. Poetry, fiction, and romance. If you are an excessive seeker of reality or if you are fascinated with reality; in such a case, you should meditate. There is no way to make judgments. Imagining Love Is A Game is not difficult to understand.

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Love Is Love

We are strangers, and our chance encounter is only by coincidence.

We unexpectedly encountered each other, not knowing who the other is or who we are. When two strangers cross paths on the road, they both feel lonely and grab one other’s hands, thinking they are in love. Certainly, they need each other, but is this love? People need someone to fill their loneliness because they sense it. It is known as love. Because it’s the only way to win over the other, they demonstrate their affection. Because that is the only method to hook you, the others also refer to it as love. But who can tell if love exists or not? Real love only exists when you are independent of others.

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When you go to a bank and ask for money, they won’t give it to you. They will come to you and always be willing to donate if you don’t need money and have enough. Love is conceivable when you are completely self-sufficient, when you have no need for anybody else, and when you are capable of being alone while being extraordinarily joyful and exuberant. Even so, it is impossible to know whether the other person truly loves them. There is just one thing about which you can be sure: whether your love is sincere.

How is the other something you can be sure of?

But this ongoing anxiety is unnecessary. Why worry about it? Seize the moment and enjoy it! Imagining Love Is A Game. A story is necessary. According to Nietzsche, man cannot exist in a world without falsehoods or in a world where the truth is the only option. Your system is subtly lubricated by lies. Your attempts to use one another as means are mutual. Avoid provoking fear. and endeavor to awaken yourself more and more. When you are truly awake, one day, you will be able to love, but only when you are assured of your love. However, enough already! since you wish to use others right now. You don’t want to use somebody when you are truly happy being by yourself. It’s only that you want to share. You are incredibly wealthy.

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Whoever thought that love is a game ruined its soul. Nothing, in my opinion, is less likely to result in a happy romantic relationship than the idea that your spouse is an “enemy” that needs to be vanquished. In the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it may have been entertaining to have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie compete with one another’s cunning. But I don’t advise using this tactic unless you’re prepared to keep a set of military-grade blades in a secret chamber below your stove.

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Win Love By Honesty

The Self-Help Industry

The self-help industry, which makes billions by teaching women that they need to change the way they act to be loved, perpetuates the concept that romance is a game where the player who maintains their composure the best “wins.” By suggesting that they are not good enough as they are, this industry preys on women’s concerns about being attractive. Imagining Love Is A Game as self-help.

Women are also told that if a romantic relationship doesn’t work out, it’s their own for making a mistake. Have they been too aggressive lately? How much of themselves did they reveal? Did they appear to be too dependent or hopeless? Have they wounded a man’s tender ego? Was it too soon for them to respond to his call? Did they ask if they could use his bathroom and leave their toothbrush there? Or, horror of horrors, did they let him know that they can use the basement power drill, parallel park their car, and file their taxes?

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There are several standards that women must follow when it comes to modern romance. They are expected to approach their romantic relationships with the foresight of a five-star general. The worst part is that they are taught to view men as alien life forms that must be manipulated into liking them.

This misinterprets something essential about love, namely that it’s not supposed to be controlled, which feeds men’s worries of being used (and who can blame them?). As a matter of fact, the more we attempt to stage-manage love, the less of its magic we can enjoy. As we strategy more, we become less able to recognize our partner’s individuality because strategies are forced to rely on stereotypes rather than on what makes each person distinct (and hence unpredictable).

Your poker face is of little concern to love.

What is unique and irreplaceable about you is what it seeks. It wants to go inside of you and find out what’s going on. It is curious as to why and what drives you. Your top-secret underground facilities are where it wants to find you. To better understand what makes you sluggish, it even wants to x-ray the luggage you carry around. And it challenges you in ways that are always a little risky when it comes to your heart. It shifts to a more courageous person if you’re not willing to do that.

You won’t find true love if you never allow yourself to fall freely.

You make it harder for yourself if you try to hide your unique spirit under a self-help game. . And chances are a man isn’t the proper one for her if a woman needs to play games to keep him interested. The problem with romantic games is that ultimately the façade will have to crumble. When you finally have to come clean about who you are, what happens next? For a while, the laws of love could let you trick your spouse, but in the end, they’ll only go you so far. And why, in the first place, would you want to trick your partner? Isn’t being loved for who you are the whole goal of love? Isn’t love the one situation in which you’re expected to accept things “as they come”?

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