How To Wake Up With Smiling Face

Hello Readers. You may have heard this line from elders, from teachers, or have read it in any book. If you wake up in the morning with a smiley face, the whole day’s mood is set with happiness. If we experiment with it, it’s somehow true as whenever there is any fight, scolding, or frustration in the morning time, our mood gets affected accordingly. How To Wake Up With Smiling Face?

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Smiling Face

Something which we all want to avoid is any bad thing to be present in front of our eyes when we wake up in the morning.  Waking up happily means you are set for today. It can’t be wrong if we say, Half of our daily chores victory is achieved with the wake-up mood of the day.

Although it may not solely depend on yourself, there are various external factors that affect the day.

However, it is not possible that every morning wake up will be always happy as 100 percent. Not!! But we have learned the concept of probability in classes in the 12th standard. So the same concept can be applied here too. We can try for the maximum probability. It is not magic but can be achieved with practice and daily practices. As your mood is not entirely listen to you completely. As a heart, it also thinks in all directions. And when talking about getting happy, it depends on both heart and mind. 

Both of them should have to be in mutual coordination for your happiness. It is not possible that if you think a lot, and your heart is happy, then it can be called a happy day for you. Life is a difficult but beautiful experiment depending on different factors in the journey. Some habits which can help you and teach you How To Wake Up With Smile Face are topics of discussion. Hopefully, they affect most of the situations going in the whole day altogether.

Wish Yourself And Hug Yourself

The moment you wake up, take a deep breath and wish a positive and happy good morning to yourself. You don’t need someone other to wish you. No, be your lover first. When you start loving yourself, others start loving you. Give a warm hug to yourself and feel the calmness and warmth of yourself. This is the start of a positive attitude towards yourself.

Make Your Bed

The day starts with making your bed. Great persons have said that if you make your bed daily, this is the first step of relying on yourself. It is the very task that we do for ourselves. We don’t depend on others for our important work. Making the bed every morning is moreover a positive attitude to yourself. Everything we do affects our minds and heart. You will feel happy after doing your first task. Let us move to our second task of the day. 

Do Exercises And Morning Walk

After making your bed, the next thing needed to finish is doing some physical and mental exercises in nature. In the morning, it is said that Brahm muhurta i.e the golden period of the day is in the morning. If you wake up early and do something positive during that period. Your day will be good ahead. It also affects your health positively. Start with some exercises, yoga, and mediation. A morning walk is a good way to learn How To Wake Up With Smiling Face.

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These are things you have heard so many times. But let me remind you that only saying and reading these, again and again, is not important. You have to take action and also define the truth of yourself with yourself. Give your body a small and calm walk in the morning with nature. Let it interact with nature. Pour water into plants and do some useful chores. Nature has the most positive vibes you can get. Grasp the best out of your day and your mother earth. Replenish your soul with nature. 

Eat a Healthy Breakfast And Drink Warm Water

Start eating a healthy diet for breakfast. Eating affects your health and as result your mood. Keep a light diet for breakfast and start drinking warm water in the morning. Warm water will help you to maintain healthy gut health. Eat A Healthy Breakfast to know How To Wake Up With Smiling Face. Gut health, Mental Health, Physical Health, and Emotional Health are interrelated to each other. To maintain a healthy portion of your eating and drinking throughout the day.

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Choose To Be Happy

Do Worship And Say Thank You

Worshipping God may not be suitable for everyone. But do you remember Lord Ganesha and his parent’s story? He has worshipped his parents as the whole world or even the universe to him. Likewise, you can do. Say Thank you and some positive words to yourself. Greet your parents and elders with positive words. Seek their blessings and love. Help your mother and youngsters with their tasks. Do Worship to learn How To Wake Up With Smiling Face.

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Behave like a family person and take responsibility for your actions. Learn to forgive past mistakes and enjoy the present moment. This is indeed a very good and healthy start to the day. Say thank you to everyone for a new day. Say thank you for their cooperation in your life. You will feel for sure light and you are good to face the harsh world. After this, your heart and mind both know that you have the support if you fail in the task. 

Say Affirmations To You 

Have faith in yourself. Believe in your beliefs. When you face the Thai cruel world, you need to have complete courage and the spirit of fighting inside yourself. Start saying positive affirmations to yourself. Make your day plan and go accordingly. If needed, do random changes on spot. The thing which matters is you do all this with happiness and positiveness in yourself. Only then you can give the best shot. Think out of the box and innovate something new for yourself every day. You will find there are many things which make you happy and unique in this big world. So say You can do it and Go for the happiness hunt.

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