There is no doubt humans can’t live alone. Humans are social animals. They have a family and want to live with them. The married life of people is undoubtedly good where partners support each other. Today’s discussion is on How To Be Happy Being Single.

Many believe that it is hard to live a life as a single. Being single is seen by some as a state of loneliness. But many people can’t avoid that they are stuck in an unhappy and loveless relationship. Our society has made marriage compulsory. And if you are married you have to live life as such whether happily or undeliberately. People do not want to live single and those who want to be single are forced to marry. 

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First of all, it is not true that single life is not a happy life and you will enjoy your life only when you are married. 

Yes, having a partner makes life beautiful, but being single does not make life any less beautiful. It brings a sense of peace and freedom to your life. What matters for living a healthy life is peace of mind. If it comes with living a single life then nothing wrong with this. In a single life, you are your boss. You can do whatever you want to do. You can live your life in a way that pleases you and gives you comfort. Don’t forget your happiness matters. To learn How To Be Happy Being Single.

In marriage, we put our responsibilities on each other and we start expecting happiness from others.

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Stressed In Single Life

Here we are going to discuss How To Be Happy Being Single.

Know about yourself

Being single gives you space and time to know about yourself. A person who knows himself or herself always leads a harmonious and prosperous life. Many enjoy their own company and wanted to live in their world of imagination. 

Health benefits

There are so many health-related benefits of living a single life. People who live a single life have decreased risk of the adverse effect of a bad relationship. They remain healthy both physically and mentally. They remain away from mental problems like disputes, stress, hatred, depression, etc. A person whose marriage is not successful live a depressed life which harms their mental harmony. Studies showed that people who live in intimate relationships become physically unhealthy.

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But singles are more likely to be fit and healthy. It is found that singles are usually thinner than married ones. This is because people gain weight after coming into a relationship. Especially, Single women are more healthy both physically and mentally than married ones. After having children the health of women gets deteriorates. They become weak. Also, there is so mental burden on mothers. 


We feel so angry when anyone denies the decisions that we make for ourselves. It hurts a lot when anyone stops you from fulfilling your dreams. In marriage, you have to compromise your freedom. On the other hand, singles live a free life. They do whatever they wish to do. No one questions their decision. They choose their way of life. They give more time to themselves. Single women can live their life more freely than married ones. But being single no one can stop them from studying and making their dreams come true. 

Spend extra time on your hobbies

When you come from work you need to look for children or your wife/husband. But it is not the case with singles. Singles can spend their extra time on their hobbies. They can spend time learning new skills. Give more and more time to their career. They can do something fun for themselves. Give themselves some extra care. They can focus on their studies and work hard for a bright future.

Financial benefits 

When you are in a relationship, you may have to deal with an expenditure made on medicines, the schooling of children, etc. And if your wife or husband is not doing any job you have to take care of his or her expenditure too. The whole burden comes on your shoulder.  

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This can cause financial problems for you as well. But when you are single, you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s spending and saving habits. You can spend your money on yourself only. Even can spend money on your health and entertainment. You can use the money you earn how you want to use it.

Make friends

When you are married you have to give your precious time to your family. Hardly you took time for your friends. Therefore, it becomes difficult to maintain a good friendship after marriage. But singles have more friends. They enjoy their friendship. They can make new friends. 

Do All the Fun Things Alone

It is better to enjoy funny things alone. You can enjoy your own company. Doing fun things with yourself gives an immense pleasure. When you do small funny things alone you can enjoy life better. You will come to know the true meaning of happy life. 

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