Gender discrimination is a form of unfairness in which a person is treated differently or unfairly on the basis of a person’s gender. It can be physical or mental. We will discuss Gender Discrimination In The Workplace.

Gender discrimination can be seen in every field of the workplace. Women are also paid less than men because they think that women are weak and they cannot work more than men. Gender discrimination not only happens with women it also happens with men when women are given more relaxation in work than men.  In the workplace, gender-based discrimination is also always seen. Gender discrimination in the workplace means that the employee or worker is treated distinctly on the basis of gender either paid less or sexually harassed. 

Gender Discrimination In The Workplace|Gender Discrimination|Getlovetips|Getlovetips

Gender discrimination in the workplace makes it difficult to work in a healthy environment for the employees. It has a deep impact on the mind of workers. Many women in India are also afraid to go outside for work. Many leave their jobs just because of discrimination.  

Some examples of mistreatment that could be gender discrimination in the workplace include:

  • Paid less just because you are a woman. 
  • Hire women only for certain tasks
  • Giving no preference to suggestions of women or only giving preference to suggestions of women, not men
  • If women are told to look presentable at workplace then they’re discriminated
  • Being denied promotion
  • being subject to unwelcome sexual favors, or other verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature
Gender Discrimination In The Workplace|Gender Discrimination|Getlovetips|Getlovetips
Gender Discrimination

Types Of Gender Discrimination in the Workplace

  1. Dissimilar treatment on the basis of gender
  2. Sexual harassment

1. Dissimilar treatment on the basis of gender

Dissimilar treatment on the basis of gender generally refers to the different or unfair treatment of an employee or worker. Whether men or women on the basis of their gender. We must understand Gender Discrimination In The Workplace.

2. Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is an evil form of sexual discrimination. Many women fail to jobs because of sexual harassment. It also involves any voluntary behavior of a sexual nature physically or orally, passing sexual jokes, and non-harmonious touching. Sexual harassment interferes with the work performance of the employees making it hard for them to remain in such a dirty environment.  

Effect of gender discrimination

Gender discrimination affects a person’s mental, physical, psychological, and emotional health. It can demotivate the employees. A person however goes into depression and may attempt suicide in serious cases.  

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Effects of gender discrimination on women in the workplace are:

  • decreased productivity
  • low confidence
  • feelings of frustration and anger
  • feeling low
  • fearness
  • isolation from other coworkers
  • mental illness
  • fights
  • depression and stress
  • anxiety
  • physical health also deteriorated

How to deal with gender discrimination

It is a topic that should handled with patience and strictly. For eradicating the gender discrimination from workplace it is necessary to follow following suggestions-

  • talk to your employees about gender discrimination and how you are going to prevent it 
  • also educate all about gender discrimination and that it is illegal
  • set rules regarding gender discrimination
  • also support every suggestions no matter given by men or women
  • give equal importance to men as well as women
  • give salaries on the basis of their work on the basis of their gender
  • make strict rules against sexual harassment
  • ensure safety of  women

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Besides these suggestions it is necessary for the employees that they should be aware of their basic rights at workplace. They are as follows-

  • the right to work in a safe, discrimination-free environment
  • the right to report gender discrimination at work to your boss 
  • the right to work if you are pregnant
  • the right to equal opportunity 
  • the right to take leave for some emergency


Gender discrimination is also a big issue for healthy working environment. It should eradicate from workplace as soon as possible and it is possible only when everyone stands for their equal rights. Women should understand and be aware about  their equal opportunity at workplace.  

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