Can Birth Control Make You Tired

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Can Birth Control Make You Tired: Contraceptive Pills

A contraceptive pill, gadget, or technique is referred to as birth control. Condoms, vasectomy, intrauterine devices (IUDs), and pills are some forms of birth control. There are numerous varieties of birth control available. Birth control only functions properly when used as directed.

Spend some time learning how to use and comprehend the operation of each form of birth control. Use birth control if you’re sexually active and don’t want to have children.

Can Birth Control Make You Tired| Picking The Right Birth Control
Picking The Right Birth Control

When choosing, Keep the following things in mind:

  • Comfort level or ease of application of the technique.
  • effectiveness in preventing conception (when used appropriately).
  • defense against STIs, or sexually transmitted infections.
  • Your general health and age.
  • Pregnancy plans.
  • hazards or side effects.
  • Every birth control method functions a little bit differently.

Among the ways It functions are as follows:

  • stopping sperm from getting to an egg.
  • keeping the egg from being released from your ovary.
  • sperm damage to prevent it from swimming into an egg.
  • making your cervical mucus thicker to prevent sperm from passing through it.
  • altering the lining of your uterus to prevent an egg from implanting.

Doctors prescribe a variety of birth control methods based on some variables. Is it true that birth control causes fatigue, as is commonly thought?

Among them are:

Barrier method:

consists of spermicide, diaphragm, cervical cap, contraceptive sponge, and male and female condoms.

Hormonal methods:

these comprise injectable birth control, vaginal rings, oral contraceptives, and contraceptive patches. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) are considered long-acting reversible contraceptives. Sterilization involves vasectomy and tubal ligation.

Fatigue is listed as a possible side effect of some birth control methods. This is especially true for hormonal birth control, which is frequently the primary cause of birth control-related side effects.

A person may also choose to use birth control for purposes unrelated to contraception. For instance, women who have irregular menstrual cycles may use birth control to balance their hormones. Birth control may enhance or lessen sleep disturbances if it provides relief from crippling PMS symptoms.

Can Birth Control Make You Tired| Contraceptive Pills|Getlovetips|Getlovetips
Contraceptive Pills

What Studies Indicate?

Studies have indicated that the use of hormonal contraceptives, a kind of birth control that releases hormones to prevent conception, can harm sleep. But the evidence is contradictory and so unresolved.

In a 2022 study, compared to women who used non-hormonal birth control, those who used hormonal birth control self-reported more occurrences of sleep disturbances and a 17% higher chance of falling short of the necessary amount of sleep hours. Women on naturally occurring cycles who slept longer in stage 3, or deep sleep, which is thought to be essential for restorative rest.

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Barrier techniques


A condom is a thin layer that is rolled over an erect penis and made of latex, plastic, or lambskin. Semen, or the fluid that contains sperm, cannot enter your vagina because of the coating. Condoms are less effective than other birth control techniques because they can rip or rupture easily.


A gel, cream, or suppository known as spermicide keeps sperm from getting to an egg. Sperm are damaged by chemicals in it, which prevents them from swimming up to an egg. Spermicide works best when used exactly as prescribed. Another vaginal gel that functions as a spermicide is available exclusively with a prescription.

It functions by reducing the vaginal pH, which hinders sperm motility. At least fifteen to thirty minutes before engaging in sexual activity, you insert spermicide and vaginal gels into your vagina. The majority of spermicides only need to be applied again after around an hour of use. Every time you have sex, reapply spermicide and leave it on afterward.

Cervical cap

A cervical cap is a silicone or soft rubber thimble-shaped cup that fits securely over your cervix.

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First, apply spermicide to the cap. Next, place the cap against your cervix and inside your vagina. The spermicide paralyzes the sperm while the cap seals your cervix. The cervical cap can be put in up to six hours before having sex. After having sex, wait at least eight hours before removing your cervical cap. You can leave the cap on for a maximum of 48 hours. Use spermicide precisely as prescribed.


It is well known that progesterone, which is often prominent during the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle, affects sleep. It accomplishes this by stimulating GABA-A receptors, which can aid in promoting calm and raising melatonin release.

In one observational study, the effects of several oral contraceptive methods on sleep duration were compared with a control group consisting of women who did not take these pills.

Progesterone-derivative oral contraceptives produced the longest nightly sleep duration when compared to estrogen-based contraceptives and not using any oral contraceptives at all.

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