Hello Readers. A relationship and love are said to be successful only when apart from love, care and trust there should be respect for each other. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone. Anger And Ego Are Rivals In Love.

Where there is respect in a relationship or love there is trust, safety, and wellbeing. If there is no respect in love it cannot stand for a long time. When respect of your partner hurt, then it become a matter of ego for you and you partner. When ego comes into a relationship then there is no longer love and trust. In such a case relationship comes to an end.  Filled with ego and jealousy people forget to respect each other and cross their limits.

Here it is necessary to know that anger and ego are two different feelings in love. 

Anger is a feeling of wrath or rage while ego is a feeling of giving no importance to others’ feelings. Anger is common in love. We show our anger toward those who are our loved ones. It is healthy to show anger to the ones you love because it shows that they mean a lot to you. We always used to be upset with any of our family members, they might be our parents, our younger brother or sister, or anyone.

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But this anger does not spoil our relationship. After a time our anger cools down and we forgive our partner. Husband and wife used to fight frequently over small matters but it never break their relationship. Fight between brother and sister is very common. But is there no love in between them? No, there is an immense love between brother and sister. Where there is love there will be small fights, anger but after all there is also a lot of care for each other. 

A true love is one that give chance to show their feelings.

Many of us have implicitly been taught in childhood that disappointments are best swallowed quietly. Perhaps we don’t have to do this. But a certain kind of politeness is the enemy of love. First of all it is necessary that love should be real. For this it is necessary to show all kind of feelings in love. Fake politeness has no place in love. If the love is true then it will not break after you show anger. We have to be able to say that we hate when we hate.

Suppressing your feelings in love make it a burden for you. 

Anger And Ego Are Rivals In Love|Anger And Ego|Getlovetips|Getlovetips
Anger And Ego Are Rivals In Love

If your partner shows anger to you it doesn’t mean that they do not have love for you. They have an immense love for you. They have hope from you that you will understand their feelings.  

On the other hand ego is a feeling of selfishness.

Ego is concerned with “I” or “me”. There is no feeling for others. All one does is just do only for themselves. 

Examples of ego are: “ Ohh!  you earn less than me” or “ You always buy for yourself, you don’t love me?”

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Due to ego, there is a rift between husband and wife. Because of the ego in relationships, people start feeling that their partners are their rivals. There is no more love remain in between the partners. Whenever there is an ego in love everything becomes personal. Partners start ignoring each other’s needs.  They start blaming each other for everything wrong. 

Ego love is possession.

It is a relation of giving and take which is not true love. True love is selfless. It does not involve a feeling of possession. A true love loves his/her partner without any expectation. For example, our mother and father love us without any expectations. This is called the true love.

Ego love is one in which partners compare each other qualities and try to make themselves superior to each other. Ego in love results in blaming, complaining, and accusing each other when we feel hurt. 

 It has no place in love. And if you think that ego has come into your relationship then you need to come out of this otherwise the ego will destroy your relationship. 


Therefore, Anger And Ego Are Rivals In Love. While it is healthy to have some anger in love, ego can destroy the relationship. Love deepens with healthy anger. Healthy anger is not an enemy of love but ego love never stands for a long time. It is well said that the person who has lots of anger inside, definitely loves people more than others.   

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