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Hi!!! I believe Communication is the best contact form. So hellllllooooo everyone, This is About Me – AMAN GUPTA, Owner, Founder, and CEO of this website GETLOVETIPS.COM. I m a B.Tech student from MDU. My big dream is to do something big for humankind. Always eager to make an environment which could be of a friendly type. An environment where everyone could live in peace. And finally, I got this platform. This opportunity of making a website where I can fulfil my dreams of making the best environment. Because of this, my dreams can be fulfilled as a visionary person.

Aman Gupta – Quotes

“I have heard there are two kinds of Person lives.
First one is:- Dreamers
The second one is:- Visionary Persons

– Aman Gupta
- Dreamers are those who just only dreams.

-And Visionary Persons are those who do everything to make their Dreams come true.”
About Me - Aman Gupta | Aman Gupta | GetLoveTips | Get Love Tips

I am here for giving the best experience to all and will do my best to give the best on this website. I will need support, prayers and blessing from all of you.  You all can contact me if any suggestions or if you want to ask something.
Thank you


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https://getlovetips.com/ is a website in India for Tips updates, reviews and highlights of the relationship, mind and strength to connect the world with the Ideas of the inner soul. In order to improve this platform day by day, we are trying our best to raise the voice of youths to apply new ideas.

Communication is always a better way to connect & we are always here to listen to you continuously. And we are trying our best to make it as easy as possible for our readers to connect with us.

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