Hello everyone. It is a common belief that pink colour is for girls. Since we were kids we see people saying that you are a boy and you cannot wear pink. We also always see ladies buying pink dresses. Boys should not wear pink. If men wear pink it shows feminism. Society stops men from wearing pink. They can’t have pink paint in their room. Even they can’t buy pink pencils, notebooks and toys. Men feel shy wearing pink.

When we talk about men and pink it is always a topic of rejection. Even in the 21st century, there is a strong belief among people that real men should not wear pink outfits. However, the choice of what to wear should be free; therefore, modern society requires the rejection of such beliefs that discriminate against such a simple right.

Colour has no gender

For example, the pink colour is not only for girls and the blue colour is not for men. Blue and pink were never meant to be gender-specific colours. But many stereotypes in our society made such beliefs. But this belief has no roots. We can moreover see women wearing blue-coloured dresses. Then why men cannot wear pink? Of course, they can wear pink.

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It is completely wrong to say that men cannot wear pink. We can see many celebrities wearing pink. Even, the Prime minister of India Mr Narendra Modi also seen in a pink kurta. Men Can Also Wear Pink.

Men Can Also Wear Pink|Pink|Getlovetips|Getlovetips
Men Can Also Wear Pink

There are some reasons behind this belief.

The primary reason behind it is that some of the stereotypes of society have conditioned how both genders should be representable. They are also boys and they cannot wear pink colour. This belief is present in our society for a long time and it is hard to make a drastic change. Stereotypes make it more difficult to change.  

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Another reason might be is the advertisement that shows women in pink. In cartoons, girls are shown wearing pink frocks and boys wearing a blue shirts. In TV programs girls’ rooms are painted with pink colour. No, where we also see boys having a room painted pink. Companies advertised on gender and moreover introduced gender-specific clothing. This would mean that parents could no longer hand down a baby girl’s clothes to a baby boy and vice versa. They’d have to buy a second set. So moreover the tradition of  “pink is for girls” and “blue is for boys” began.

These all are marketing tactics but it has made a deep impact on our minds and helped us to make the wrong conclusion.

Such belief hides the reality from society as a result people lead incorrect conclusions.  

Why do men wear pink?

There are some of the reasons that men should wear pink. These may include-

1. Pink Is A Masculine And Cool Colour For Guys

Many of you are unaware that historically, pink wasn’t always a feminine colour. The pink colour was associated with youth, rigour, health, and innocence.

In the 18th century, men were known to wear pink silk suits that had floral embroideries. At that time pink colour was considered to be very masculine. Also nowadays big celebrities are wearing pink. Our belief in colour proved wrong today.  

2. Pink Goes With Almost All Colours

Pink is a colour that suits all colours. It is a versatile colour. You can wear any colour along with pink colour. The quality of the pink colour is that it looks good on every skin tone. Men with darker complex also look good with light pink. On the other hand, men with a fair complex can wear dark pink colour clothes. 

Men Can Also Wear Pink|Pink Is For Every Gender|Getlovetips|Getlovetips
Pink Is For Every Gender

3. Pink Catches Women’s Attention

We know that pink is a favourite colour of most girls. Pink colour clothes catch the attention of girls. 

4. You Stand Out & Become More Powerful

Wearing pink makes men stand out and look more powerful. Considered masculine in ancient days. Pink represents power. Ribbons were given to those who ran in the New York survivor race in 1991. It Boosts the attractiveness of the guys who wear them. 


Pink is a blend of red and white which refers to passion with purity. Pink is a perfect colour that you can and you must wear. It is not a colour of girls as others say. It is a symbol of confidence. So wear pink with pride. Colour is just a colour. Do not connect it with gender and societal beliefs. 

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